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Automatic belt screen changer
Automatic belt screen changer

It consists of screen changer body, heating and cooling system, 10 meters or 20 meters of the filter belt, belt box and electric control system, etc. Continuous replacing screen, realizes non-stopping production, and stable pressure,. material flow without fluctuation. Compared with manual screen changers, it can increase production, save energy, reduce labour, improve quality, no waste, lower production costs.


It is used to process  PP, PE, ABS, PS, PMMA and other plastic melt , widely used to manufacture cast film, sheet, plate, optic-fiber, all kinds of wire-drawing, pelletizing, high-quality, long process product .


Performance characteristic

    Automatic continuous replacing filter, without any manual operation.

     In the process of replacing the screen material flow doesn’t have fluctuations, the product doesn’t deform, and the quality has good stability..

  No waste, waste production, less consumption of raw materials. If you want to know more detailed information,please tell us your email address. www.deao.com.cn

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